Strategic Location

Vision Projects Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is strategically located & operationally setup within the vicinity of Kakinada Seaports.

Ideally located – East Coast of India, one of the World’s key Oil & Gas Exploration Areas between Vishakhapatnam and Chennai Port.

Proximity to Vishakhapatnam (170km), a busy international Maritime route and in the vicinity of Kakinada Sea Ports, a privatized port having the advantage of natural sheltered waters and tranquil Bay conditions. Again one of the busiest ports in India with an efficient turnaround of Vessels requiring replenishment, Bunkering and Ancillary services.

VPT is facilitating a one-stop integrated Offshore Services for ship-owners and Offshore Operators trading or operating in the waters off Indian East Coast near one of the world’s key oil and gas exploration areas, the KG Basin where the largest Gas Reserves were discovered in 2002.

Closest to the offshore oil fields: The KG Basin where the largest reserves of Oil and Gas were discovered in 2002.